Helicon Technologies provides a complete range of Wireless Technology Infrastructure, Rugged Mobile Computing products along with facility Management & RFID Solutions.

Helicon Technologies delivered industry’s that mobilize operations and improves productivity by providing pre-sales and post sales services of hardware and software with various technologies to the Major Ports in entire MENA & West Africa region.

Technology Portfolio:

Imaging and Scanning

Helicon offers a wide range of imaging and scanning solutions to address all types of industrial application requirement. Your mobile users can quickly and accurately read 1D and 2D bar codes, address labels, proof of delivery documents and signatures – at speed and with high accuracy. Combine our scanners and imager with other data captures technologies (RFID, speech) and our solution let you integrate new applications and protect your investment for years to come.


Speech solutions are an incredibly powerful way to streamline warehousing and logistics processes. A voice enabled warehouse doesn’t just improve productivity, it also achieves significantly greater picking accuracy –one of our customers increased accuracy from one error per thousand picks to one in over three thousand.


We bring together technology, protocol and architecture expertise to solve throughout coverage, security and compatibility issues. Our solutions piece together backbone products, access points, communication servers and handheld computers. Our wireless expertise protects your future investment.


Our RFID solution let you harness the power of RFID and integrate it with other ID technologies.


Ports, warehouse, freezers, factories, delivery vans, airports – working in all day environments like these isn’t a desk job. Things get dropped, bumped, sprayed, chilled and generally abused. Helicon Technologies provides mobile computers for the most hostile workplaces on Earth.

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