Infrastructure Management Services

Infrastructure Management Services

Helicon Technologies is the authorized SI/Distributor and has in-house experts who know how to plan, execute and maintain ROI on your mobile computing investments. We call our approach sustainable relevance. It is our commitment to structure and sustain the customer’s investment from beginning to beyond. We don’t say the end. The drive for relevant sustainable productivity never ends.

Got a complex issue to resolve? Rely on our professional service team to define, develop and deploy hardware/Applications into your infrastructure with a demonstrable return on investment. Need a rapid response on maintenance issues? Our repair service, managed through our dedicated customer portal will restore your productivity.

Professional Services

Our professional service team hates risks. And it can’t stand to see you stressed. It does, however, love a good return on investment. Learn how our expert team deploys relevant and sustainable technology solutions across geographies and industries. You carry on running your business while we do our job.


If it’s broke, we will fix it. We have repair/service centre in Dubai. We bring service to you. We track and manage problems through our dedicated customer portal.




Get passengers on the right flight. Make sure their baggage is on the same plane. Keep everything up, running & safe. Do it with fewer resource than ever before. And never stop smiling. Few environments are as pressurized as airports. Get is wrong and the fallout is spectacular. To get it right you need intelligent connected mobile computing power you can count on. Every time the Helicon range of rugged mobile computers and Wireless Infrastructure helps make sure millions of passengers – and their luggage be where they are meant to be.


Customers hassling dealers. Dealers hounding the manufacturers, Manufacturers pushing the production line to its limits. The automotive supply chain is pressure cooker, each link battling against the clock to keep the parts coming. In this environment workers need tools that work as hard as they do. Helicon rugged handheld and vehicle mount computers put mobile intelligence on the front line. Exactly where it should be.

Cold Chain

Get the right product on the shelf. Or in the storage immediately. Manage fluctuating temperatures throughout the supply chain. Battle the brutal cold. Few business operate in such stark conditions, and few demand equipment that’s as resistant as it is intelligent. The Helicon range of rugged an Vehicle mount computers is made for this extreme environment.

Field Services

The field service doesn’t care where he is. All he cares about is delivering exemplary customer service. And ditching the paper mountain. He wants to travel light. He wants tools flexible and durable as he is. Helicon rugged handhelds make sure your field agents are close to your business. No matter how far away from the office they are.

Public Sector

Respond quickly when incidents require immediate deployment. Track the location, maintenance status and availability of every asset. Identity individuals, cargo & vehicles stay connected – securely and reliably. And derive maximum value. You need intelligent connected mobile computing power you can count on. Every minute Very day.

Passenger Movement

As technology advances passenger expectation soar. Deliver a great service and it’s only what’s expected. Get it wrong and you face the Wrath. Transportation operators need tools that help them deliver outstanding customer service where they need it most. Helicon range of rugged handheld computers let operators put their business in front of the customers.

Ports and Container Yards

Day and Night ship freight where it needs to be. Bang on time. Track your inventory. By the second. And all in unforgiving conditions. The only thing tougher than workers are our rugged mobile computers clubbed with complete end to end Wireless and IT Infrastructure.


No business is more dynamic than retail, and no business depends more on intelligent connected computing power. The range of rugged handheld computers. Wireless and partner applications streamline a wide range of retail operations – on the floor in the back room and in the warehouse.

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